Online leak suggests big changes to Snapchat


According to an online leak, Snapchat could be set to implement some pretty major changes to its app, becoming more like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Developers from Snapprefs have published screenshots indicating that Snapchat will be introducing video calls, audio calls and stickers into its chat feature, currently dubbed ‘ChatV2’.

Video chat has been an option in Snapchat since 2014, but it hasn’t been particularly successful, and the screenshots indicate it will become more similar to rival social media apps out there. It appears that one user needs to tap a smiley face above the text field to initiate a call, which the other person can then choose to ignore, join, or listen in to the call, by selecting the chosen option on a pop-up.

The developers reportedly found code references about the potential change, and then managed to post screenshots of the chat interface, which looks similar to Facebook Messenger and also Google Hangouts.

The addition of stickers (the emojis in Snapchat) could provide another way for Snapchat to monetise its app, as it could follow in the steps of other apps and charge users for including stickers in their messages.

Snapchat has yet to comment on these rumours, and it could just simply be that the company is testing out ideas and carrying out research. However, it is quite an exciting prospect, and will definitely provide stiffer competition to the likes of Facebook.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with more than 200 million users and more than 800 million photos and videos sent daily. However, recently Snapchat has suffered a few problems, and a minor outage was reported by a number of users yesterday.