Android Pay coming to the UK

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The next few months could see a very exciting addition to Android phones as Google says that it will bring Android Pay to the UK.

Contactless payment is something that Apple have definitely beaten Google to in the UK market. But soon we should see Android users, as well as those sporting Appleā€™s latest products, queuing up at the tills to use their devices as a contactless payment method.

Lloyds Bank, HSBC, and Nationwide have all reportedly stated that they will be happy to support Android Pay.

In order to use the system, users will need to have Android 4.4 or later on their mobiles, and the device needs to have inbuilt NFC.

In September, Android Pay rolled out across the US, but now a Google spokeswoman reportedly said that it is very likely that the UK would be the second market, and Australia would have the system available by the end of June.

Users will have to store their bank details in an app, and then, at point of pay, confirm either a passcode, or use their fingerprints to seal the deal, giving a line of defence against thieves.

Whether Android Pay catches on as well as Apple Pay, or their rival, Samsung, who have an alternative mobile payment system, will have to be seen. The trend is somewhat against Google, as those who are more likely to buy into this method of paying tend to be those who are going to buy a high end device like those produced by Apple and Samsung.

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