New iPhone and iPad officially unveiled by Apple

Apple Watch, iPhone SE, iPad Pro

Smaller versions of the iPhone and iPad Pro have been shown off by Apple in San Francisco, as well as revealing new Apple Watch straps and price reductions.

The new iPhone SE has a 4 inch screen, but still boasts the same graphics and processing performance as the iPhone 6s, and a 12MP camera.

By the end of May, the iPhone SE will be available in 110 countries. It can be pre-ordered from 24 March, before going on sale on 31 March. The 16Gb version will be £359, whilst the 64Gb version will be £439, and the phone is available in four different colours.

The iPhone SE features a 64-bit A9 processor, as well as an M9 motion coprocessor, enabling it to perform very strongly. Apple says the iPhone SE is better than the iPhone 5s, and it provides those customers who like smaller phones to buy one which has similar specs to the larger, more popular smartphones such as the iPhone 6s, in terms of capabilities, but with a smaller size.

Meanwhile, the new iPad Pro has a 9.7 inch screen, which is the same as the first iPad produced by Apple, but smaller than the 12.7 inch iPad Pro revealed last November.

It has a 12MP camera, and can record 4K videos. It has the same hardware as the original iPad Pro, but it – the Wi-Fi version – weighs just 437g, the same as the iPad Air 2. It will be available in four different colours.

For the Wi-Fi-only models, the 32GB will cost £499, the 128Gb will cost £619, and the 256Gb – the largest iPad memory size ever offered – will cost £739. It can be pre-ordered from 24 March, before going on sale on 31 March.

Tim Cook also said that the basic model of the Apple Watch will have its price reduced to £259 in the UK, as Apple showed off a number of different colours and bands for it.

Images courtesy of Apple