Apple expected to unveil brand new Macs next week

New Macs are set to be revealed later this month, with rumours that the traditional USB port is on its way out, as part of fairly radical design changes.

According to ReCode the world’s most valuable company will show off its new range of Macs at an event on 27 October, at the company’s Cupertino headquarters.

Normally, Apple unveils its new products in San Francisco, so this change of scenery has led to a number of people claiming it signals a more low-key event. However, the Mac range has only received minor updates over the past four years, and many expect this newest version to finally introduce a radical design overhaul, which would actually be quite a big deal.

Exactly one month prior to this new event, Apple revealed the brand new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which controversially did away with the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. It appears that once again, the tech giant will look to carry out a major port removal, with Macotakara reporting that the standard USB-A ports will be replaced by USB-C ports, which are still relatively rare.

Another big rumour is that the new MacBook Pro will feature a row of touchscreen keys which can be customised by the user. This would be an interesting addition to the popular computer, which got its latest version of MacOS just last month, called Sierra. Hold tight for next week!