Facebook unveil new features at F8

Facebook F8

Facebook hold an annual developer’s event, used to bring together the large number of people that work for the social network. The event is also used as a platform from which to launch new features for its apps.

One of the most interesting features revealed this year is Facebook’s plan to improve and develop its augmented reality software.

One example used the social media giant’s relationship with Manchester United, and showed a clip in which live scores and statistics are added over smartphone footage of fan celebrations. This may have very little practical use, but it represents a desire for development that rival Snapchat may be unable to keep up with.

Facebook also spoke about plans to revolutionise its Messenger app. The company wants the app to allow plans to be made without leaving; one example used was their desire to make it possible for people to speak to their friends about a night out, buy tickets for a concert and book a table for dinner, without closing the app.

Also mentioned was Facebook Spaces, an innovative plan to turn VR into a social experience, instead of purely a gaming platform. The system will turn you into a cartoony avatar and place you close to your friends who will also be represented as avatars.

The main issue here remains the cost of the experience; in order to take advantage of what’s on offer, you will require the Oculus Rift which, incorporating the costs of a PC powerful enough for it to run smoothly, will cost over £800.

For Facebook Spaces to be truly successful, its planned PC-free, wireless, high-quality headset will need to come out soon and be cost-effective.