E3 2017: The top video games announcements from Nintendo, Xbox and Sony

The E3 2017 video games conference is taking place in Los Angeles, with the industry’s biggest names revealing a range of new products to the joy of millions – but what are the biggest announcements?

So far the main talking point is the official unveiling of the Xbox One X – formerly known as Project Scorpio – which has been described as “the most powerful console ever”.

But what else has Microsoft announced? And what about their enormous rivals?

Nintendo: Super Mario Odyssey, Legend of Zelda DLC and Pokemon

Things are looking good for Nintendo right now, following the successful launch of the Switch in March, which became the company’s fastest-selling console.

The Wii U was quite simply a disaster, and meant that plenty of careful thought and planning was badly needed to reverse the company’s fortunes.

During its E3 2017 video showcase, Nintendo kept all of the focus on the new games coming our way, and demonstrated that it is still up there as one of the best video game creators.

The graphics and hardware capabilities of the Switch might not match up to the offerings from Xbox and Sony, but Nintendo knows this, and instead ensures its games are as fun and entertaining as possible.

And we have to say, Super Mario Odyssey looks brilliant, as do many other of the company’s offerings.

Our favourite Italian plumber (sorry Luigi) returns on 27 October in another innovative world with new abilities and tricks, and looks set to once again be the leading Nintendo game, along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Zelda fans were also able to rejoice as new downloadable content was revealed (The Master Trials and The Champions Ballad) in Nintendo’s conference video.

Also announced was an as-yet-unnamed Pokemon RPG (scheduled for 2018/19), Metroid Prime 4, new Kirby and Yoshi games, and also Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, which looks hilarious.

Furthermore, hugely popular games such as Rocket League, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and FIFA 18 are set to appear on the Switch too, boosting the appeal of the console even further.

Sony: Days Gone, God of War, Spider-Man and PSVR

Sony kept things clean and simple again this year, showcasing a range of excellent demos and trailers for its newest games, many of which are exclusive to PlayStation.

While the company did not reveal a new console or announce a drop in price for the PS4, it made it clear that many high-quality games are on the way.

The zombie apocalypse game Days Gone looks seriously impressive, with stunning graphics, while the same can be said for God of War, Shadow of the Colossus and Spider-Man. Unfortunately it seems we’ll have to wait till next year for these titles to be released, but they definitely look worth the wait.

Additionally, many new VR games were revealed, such as Skyrim and Star Child, allowing PSVR users to play even more high-quality and immersive titles.

The fact that Sony has managed to secure exclusive rights to some of the best games available makes the video games industry very competitive right now, leaving gamers spoilt for choice.

Xbox: One X console, Forza Motorsport 7, Minecraft in 4K resolution

Obviously the main buzz surrounding Xbox at E3 2017 is about the Xbox One X, but there has also been a strong line-up of new games from Microsoft.

Arguably the biggest game reveal from Xbox is Forza Motorsport 7, with the popular racing game benefitting from an upgrade to the graphics and console capabilities.

Minecraft is also being remade for 4K resolution to the joy of many, while Terry Crews lent his abilities to the futuristic open-world shooter game Crackdown 3.

The latest addition to the hugely successful Assassins Creed franchise was also shown off, with Assassins Creed Origins taking place among the pyramids of ancient Egypt.

All in all, there are some really fantastic games coming our way over the next year or two, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.