Medical Records can be Accessed by iPhone Users Following Update

Apple’s most recent announcement means that iPhone users in the US will be able to download their medical records from hospitals. From Spring 2018, medical records and lab test results can be downloaded directly to patients’ mobiles.

A New Way to Access Vital Information

Twelve different hospitals are involved. The information can be accessed through the Health App, following the next update of Apple’s operating system. Allergies, medical conditions, vaccinations and prescriptions will also be available.

Presently, iPhone users can already store their medical information through the Health App. Users can include their emergency contact numbers as well as any conditions that need to be known. However, it is the first time that there is a system specifically for retrieving records from many medical providers released on a smartphone.

Helping Customers Monitor Their Health

Chief Operating Officer for Apple Jeff Williams aimed to “help consumers live a better day”. He has reassured that the company worked alongside health organisations to create something that has been a request of customers for a long time. Williams also hopes that customers will be empowered to take charge of their health by better understanding it. Doing so will hopefully lead iPhone consumers to lead healthier lives.

By streamlining the communication between patients and healthcare providers, Apple are also hoping to make the experience of patients a better one. Overall, it should help patients feel more at ease knowing that they can access their own health information if they are ever concerned.

Customers Still Lack Faith in Apple

Although Apple’s product development is a positive move, the company still faces significant problems. Customers have complained in great numbers about the failing performance of their iPhones. There was the initial addition of a power management tool that ultimately inhibits device performance. Additionally, Apple faced a backlash after admitting to secretly hindering the performance of their older devices through new updates. Before the confession, there had already been suspicion, long held by customers.