Why Most Businesses Use Out-Dated Laptops

Despite the increased range of laptops that can be used by businesses, most will still choose older models that aren’t the best quality. Laptop production companies still make business laptops using out-dated 1366 x 768 screens, which is the lowest number of pixels that can be found on a modern laptop. What’s more, there are still corporate customers that are still willing to buy these laptops.

Out-Dated Laptops are Still Sought After

According to the analyst firm NPD, 51.7% of laptops that were purchased by businesses in 2017 had screen resolutions of less than 1920 x 1080. The difference between a screen resolution of 1080p and the lowest possible resolution is significant. Better quality screen resolution is essential for editing documents, reading web pages and multitasking easily between tasks. Lower quality screen resolution severely hinders these common yet vital tasks.

Low Quality Screens are a Hindrance

A laptop screen with a configuration of 1080p will hold 40% more graphics than a screen with 768 pixels. With 1920 horizontal pixels, laptop users can put two, full-width windows together to multitask between pages. If there are only 1366 horizontal pixels, it is almost impossible to multitask.

Out-Dated Laptops are Still Available

Even though low-quality laptop screens are an obvious hindrance, leading manufacturers still sell them. Companies like Dell, Lenovo and HP offer systems with 1366 pixel displays. Some notebooks can’t be configured with 1080p screens. Frustratingly, these laptops are quite expensive despite the low quality.

For example, Dell recently began shipping the 12-inch Latitude 7290. This is a premium business laptop with a starting price of around $1,498 (£1064.67) and is currently available for $1,049 (£745.78). Furthermore, configurations can cost as much as $2,070 (£1471.98). The laptop can only be bought with a 1366 display.

The more favoured business laptops for 2017 include the Lenovo ThinkPad T470. It comes with a 1366 x 768 display but only costs $70 (£49.78) to upgrade to the 1920 x 1080 option. The HP ProBook 650 starts at $899 (£639.28) with a default 1366 display which can be upgraded to 1080p for $39 (£27.73).

Businesses Need to Invest in Quality Laptops

Laptop manufacturers should be making 1080p the lowest standard resolution for any business laptop and adjust the prices accordingly. Businesses may be opting to save money, but they are sacrificing the productivity of their employees. Low resolution screens in outdated laptops seriously inhibit the ability to work properly. Businesses need to invest in up-to-date laptops and manufactures need to produce better quality systems but also make them accessible to businesses.