Best Android Antivirus Apps for 2018

As the technology for smartphones and tablets improves, they are becoming more likely to encounter viruses and malware, the same as PCs and laptops. Apple software is a much more difficult target for cyber attackers. This is because Apple’s iOS only allows downloads from the App Store. Android is more vulnerable because files can be shared between different devices and there’s less of an approval process for the Google Play Store. As a result, antivirus software should be considered.

Your Devices are Always at Risk

People can be extremely careful about what they download, the apps they use and the websites they visit, installing security software can be beneficial in other ways. For example, security software can include anti-theft features. Although it can’t stop the phone’s hardware from being stolen, certain programmes can lock and/or delete data from the phone so that personal and important information can be protected. Some security programmes can even allow photos or audio recordings of perpetrators to be taken.

An additional feature of Android security apps is call blocking. Nuisance calls, or spam texts can be stopped to prevent annoyance and potential scams. Other apps can be highly useful for parents. For example, they can enable password protection on certain web browsers when letting their children use their phone.

Recommended Antivirus Software

Here are some of the best security apps for data protection for Android phones:

  • BitDefender Mobile Security

With a perfect 100% score in AV tests for both real-time malware and discovery on Android platforms, BitDefender’s mobile security is effective and reliable. The system includes, anti-theft features, works well with wearable devices, web security and malware scanner. There aren’t any features to block calls, install parental locks or back up data however there is a 14-day free trial so that users can decide if it’s the security system they want.

  • Norton Mobile Security

Popular amongst PC and Mac users, Norton also scored 100% in its AV tests. Along with antivirus features, there is also online privacy protection, lost or stolen device recovery and more. A single account can be shared amongst multiple devices, include Apple devices.

  • PSafe

Another perfect score in AV tests, PSafe is the only security software that is specifically designed for mobiles. With a free download, features include anti-hacking, app lock, performance boosters and various other features. Nevertheless, the free version does include adds and to remove them will cost around £3.65.

  • Avast Mobile Security

This free app includes app locking, call blocking, app permissions and a firewall.

  • Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

An option worth your consideration. Kaspersky offers features like find my phone, anti-theft, anti-phishing, call blocker and web filter along with the antivirus. There is a free version available, but it does have limited features. The entire premium package can be purchased for £9.99.