Mass Recall Issued on HP Laptops

Computer heavy-weight HP is urging all customers to check the model and battery of their laptops, for fear that they will catch fire. The company has issued a recall for a range of its laptops and work stations due to growing concern that over-heating batteries could lead to a fire.

Safety Hazard

The recall was announced following a safety report, which urged HP to act. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission released information that outlined eight separate reports of batteries that overheated and subsequently melted. In one instance, an owner of a HP device suffered first-degree burns to their hand because of the technology malfunction. Another three incidents resulted in damages valued at £3,300.

Laptops Involved in the Recall

The laptops affected by the recall were sold internationally between December 2015 and December 2017 and were also sold as separate accessories. Here are the following models which should be checked by consumers:

  • ProBook 640 G2
  • ProBook 645 G2
  • ProBook 650 G2
  • ProBook 650 G2
  • ProBook 640 G3
  • ProBook 645 G3
  • ProBook 650 G3
  • ProBook 655 G3
  • Zbook 17 G3
  • Zbook Studio G3
  • X360 310 G2
  • Pavilion x360
  • ENVY m6
  • 11 Notebook PC

How to Recall Your Laptop

To check your laptop for any fault, there is a tool that can be easily downloaded from a HP website. If people find that their laptop might be affected, they are advised to put it on ‘battery safe mode’. Doing so will make laptops safe to use through the mains adaptor until a technician can be reached.

HP have reassured their customers that they are taking “immediate action” which includes voluntary recall as well as free replacement for all batteries that are affected. Realistically, the issue only affects 0.1% of HP devices sold internationally over the past two years. Nevertheless, the issue still needs to be effectively dealt with. The company is also urging customers to visit official HP sites in order to have their batteries checked and potentially replaced.