Gadget Show Awaits Windows 8

Gadgets are the game and also in its name, and the Show of the same title didn’t fail to offer its fair share of toys for boys and for that matter girls. However, for those looking for news, views and entertainment on the laptops front, it seems The Gadget Show 2012 was short on thrills and spills.

In fact the biggest news was that there was little of real excitement, aside from the UK appearance of the innovative Lenovo YogaPad – a Windows 8 touch screen ultrabook with a 360 degree hinge, allowing you to swivel it right back onto itself in a truly innovative way and place it in 4 different positions. The YogaPad got its UK price of £1499 for the i7 version, with a basic model coming in at £1299. Acer also had the UK showing of the S5 – the world’s slimmest ultrabook.

Essentially, Windows 8 is casting a shadow over the event for the laptop world, with manufacturers eagerly awaiting the go ahead from Microsoft to showcase their glimmering new Ivy Bridge powered Windows 8 releases.


Lenovo’s showing of its ultrabooks, the aforementioned YogaPad, as well as a new up-specced  line of its business ThinkPad range, saw the punters gather. The company also showcased its S21-10, a 9mm thick snap dragon powered tablet, with click on keyboard, which seemed very tidy from our little bit of hands-on experience.


Samsung’s stand was littered with a range of its exciting new mobile devices as well as news of its new ICS 4.0 Tab 2 expected in by mid May according to a source, though the physical product wasn’t there. It’s set for a 8.6inch and 10.1in model and the company will hope it rivals the iPad.

Acer’s new S5, super slim very attractive S5 was at the show and was nearly every inch the crowd pleaser and looked great. Only 15mm thick at its largest point and made of aluminium/ magnesium it looked great.

So, nothing significantly, or overwhelmingly new, though with 5,000 trade visitors on the first day and over 120,000 expected at the NEC, Birmingham by the weekend, there’s no lack of action. However, our hands are getting sweaty with anticipation for IFA in Berlin at the start of September and all the Windows 8 goodness, it’s set to undoubtedly bring.