Apple’s iPhone 5 event

Apple is expected to re-raise the standard for the smartphone industry with the release of the next new iPhone (rumoured to be called the iPhone 5).

The next generation device is rumoured to be thinner, lighter and larger than the current iPhone (the 4S). In addition to it being lighter and thinner, people are expecting a new 9-pin adapter, 4G LTE connectivity, the next iteration of iOS, Siri and even new headphones. Reports also suggest that a new iPod Touch and Nano will be unveiled, along side the next version of iTunes.

18:13 The new iPhone 5 has been announced. Thinner, lighter, faster. Now with an A6 chip, 4G LTE, iSight camera, three microphones, FaceTime over cellular, Lighting (the new connector), reworked applications, an extra row of icons on SpringBoard and iOS 6!

iOS 6 on the new iPhone brings the next generation of iOS to the next generation of the iPhone. Turn-by-turn maps, including an entire search engine just for local points of intrest and directions are given by Siri. Passbook, iCloud, Photo stream, Facebook and Twitter intergration. Pre-orders start on Friday the 14th.

Along side the new iPhone, the new version of iTunes has been unveiled, not ony the program on Windows and Mac but also a new redesigned iTunes application coming with iOS 6 (which will be released on the 19th).

“It’s been a huge, huge hit.” With over 200 million people using iTunes in the cloud and over 15 billion pieces of content has been served directly from the cloud. However, the new iTunes has a “coming next” button, very similar to Spotify’s queue feature. There is even a new mini player, discrete, small and tiny. All of this, as expected, has been intergrated with iCloud.

Over 350 million iPods have been sold by Apple. The Nano has been reinveted.
The 7th generation. “It’s by far the best Nano we’ve ever created.” It even has a home button and comes in seven different colours: aluminum, black, purple, green, blue, yellow and red. On top of all the new features, the new Nano has Bluetooth intergration and uses the new Lightning connector.

Next on the list of reinvented devices is the iPod touch 5th generation — “It’s the best iPod touch we’ve ever made.” Just 6.1mm thick, 88 grams in weight, aluminum on the back with a brushed finish — no more chrome to get scratched up. Coming with an A5 processor plus the 4-inch display from the iPhone 5.