Spotify set for browser-based update

Spotify is a music service application that offers music to be streamed from a range of record labels.

The desktop application is now apparently going to undergo an overhaul in which the application will become a browser-based version. However, it is not clear whether a seperate browser-based Spotify application will be created or whether it will replace the existing Spotify application.

Spotify has 10 million users and 4 million paying customers. The free users can access songs, for free, but they have to listen to advert between songs. Those that pay, per month, can access advert-free songs.

The ‘unlimited’ account costs £4.99per month and includes unlimited music streaming. However, a premium account, that costs £9.99per month, includes an offline mode, exclusive content and enhanced sound quality.

There has even been speculation that Spotify may lower its subscription price for its mobile application.

The main aim of the browser-based Spotify will be that there will be no need to re-download the application on different computers. Instead, in the steps of iCloud, Spotify will be accessible, and all the music you have saved, starred, or created into playlists, via a browser-based application.