iPhone users sell their smartphones anticipating the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is expected to be announced today in San Francisco. As a result used iPhones have been flooding the markets in anticipation of the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5.
There are only a few hours before Apple unveil their latest iPhone that is expected to include 4G connectivity and to come along with a small dock, to the dismay of iPhone accessory manufacturers.
However, this is good news for the likes of eBay and companies that specialise in buying back used mobile devices. Part of the reason these companies have seen such an increase is because many iPhone users did not upgrade to the iPhone 4S due to its lack of being too different from its predeccesor.
However, do not be fooled into selling your perfectly worknig iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S as the iPhone 5 could very well out price its predeccessors and considering progress on smartphones has slowed down, last year’s model will not look like an outdated relic.