iOS6 – a brief view

This fall, Apple has introduced iOS 6 which brings with it over 200 new features. After announcing a new “Retina MacBook Pro” at the WWDC keynote, Scott Forstall came onto the stage to give an update in the iOS. Up until now, rumours, theories and leaked beta sites have given us an inkling of what features would be coming ranging from Apple’s own Maps application to Siri APIs, but not all
that was rumoured came to surface. Scott’s first words were, ‘Let’s talk about iOS!’ with many people in the audience shouting ‘YES!’back at him.
Siri can now pull up sports info from Yahoo, allowing you to get game updates.
Sports include Football, Baseball, Basketball, but no mention of Soccer.
Siri has also increased its restaurant/Yelp integration, offering average price per menu item, user reviews and Yelp rating.
Siri is now also interlinked with Rotten Tomatoes to watch trailers and provide movie ratings.Siri can launch apps thus simply say something like “Open Spotify” and it appears with the magic of Siri! Furthermore, Siri now lets you Tweet by voice as well as Siri now being integrated into cars including BMW, GM, Land Rover, Audi, and Honda.
Facebook is now fully integrated into the iOS, similarly to Twitter.
One-time login through settings and then the credentials are accessible system-wide.
Similarly to Twitter, you can share links, locations, maps, iTunes links, photos and even Game Center content. Facebook Events (birthdays too) are now automatically added to the Calendar Application.
If someone rings you and you don’t ring, the app will set a reminder to call them back. You can choose to send a message instead of picking up the call.
New geo-fence feature which allows you to be reminded to call someone when you leave/arrive a certain area.Do Not Disturb feature: This will mute notifications and won’t light up the screen. It willallow calls from a whitelist, and if someone calls you more than once the call can go through,which is great for emergencies!
Now on Cellular! FaceTime used to be a WiFi-only experience.You’re phone number and Apple ID will unify your identity for FaceTime and iMessages.
iCloud Tabs only work in Safari. (Well Duh!) This, however, is only available to OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6. Safari will add an offline reading list. (Similar to Instapaper?) You can upload photos straight from Safari to Twitter/Facebook.
‘Smart App Banners’ now let people know if you have an application in the App Store when they’re on your website.
You can share specific photo streams: “Choose your photos you’d like to share, choose the friends you’d like to share it with, and you’re done.” You can also comment on them. (Like Instagram?) Available on Mac OS X, iOS 6, Apple TV, and the web.
The feature essentially offers you a way to “star” email correspondents that are most frequently contacted or “very important people.” Mail VIPs will not be pushed to the top, but rather be starred off in chronological order among other inbox contents. All VIP Contacts will be synced across devices.
You’ll have two extra inboxes: VIP inbox and a flagged inbox.

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