Google Nexus 7 set to launch in the UK with limited access for £169

It seems that Google are set to launch their very own Apple iPad rival, the Nexus 7 with limited access. In actual fact Google’s Nexus 7 will go on sale in the UK and in Europe without access to Google’s Play Store including music, magazines and TV shows after Google failed to agree deals with the rights holders.

The Google Nexus 7 was announced over a month ago and is set for sale in the UK and Europe onJuly 19th 2012. However, the Nexus 7 will have limited access to TV shows, music and magazines. Yet, access to these features will remain exclusive to the US Google Nexus 7 for the initial launch period.

In a similar vain it is thought that Amazon are facing similar problems in terms of negotiating deals for music, TV shows and magazines and this is what has prevented the release of Amazon’s Kindle Fire in the UK market.

Even though the Google Nexus 7 is set to take on the likes of Apple’s New iPad, the limited access could potentially damage sales, especially with rumours of Apple set to release an iPad Mini that would be a similar price to the Nexus 7 and yet offer access to Apple’s huge app store.