The Google Nexus 7 now avaliable in British shops

The Google Nexus 7, the iPad rival, goes on sale in high streets across the country today. Even though it maybe an iPad rival, it has got no where in terms of creating the queues that greet each new generation of Apple technology.

The launch has been dubbed as a ‘soft launch’ there has been no definitive or certified launch date and the likes of eBuyer have been taking orders and shipping the device since Friday.

Now, Currys and Comet-PC World have too started to sell the Google Nexus 7. However, whether this is the first tablet to break Apple’s hold over the tablet world is yet to be seen. The likes of Samsung and Motorola have failed in their own personal bid to loosen Apple’s grip.

Even though Google have taken such a soft touch to their launch it has led to reported shortages in the US. However, whether that will occur here is, once again, yet to be seen.

The Nexus 7 starts at £160 for the 8GB version which is only avaliable via Google Play. However, the 16GB version retails for £199 and is avaliable from the likes of eBuyer, Comet, Pc World and Currys.