Apple could release Apple iTV soon after the release of the Apple iPhone 5

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Just like with the next generation iPhone there is a storm of rumours and speculation around the much anticipated Apple iTV. As a result, yours truly at has been gathering the latest, and not to mention greatest, news on the price, potential screen sizes, specification and, not to mention, its release date.

Just about every field within which Apple has entered, Apple has dominated. You name if they have made an impression, the tablet world, the laptop world and, not to forget, the smartphone world. However, now it seems that they are turning their attention to the TV sector, with rumours suggesting that Apple’s current Apple TV could be due an update. This update would ensure that later this year we could be seeing Apple’s first full blown television sets, under the name Apple iTV.

The rumour mill has been brewing for some time. However, the final push toward finding out whether or not there could ever be an Apple iTV was as a result of Steve Jobs biography spelling out that the Apple co-founder and former CEO said he had managed to crack the television market, presumably in the same way that he cracked the mobile phone market and personal audio market.

Apple, as usual, have offered no indication of a release date but it is widely believed that the Apple iTV hardware and accompanying software will be realised before the end of the year.

It could be a possibility that Apple would follow the release of the Apple iPad 3 and the Apple iPhone 5 with an Apple iTV release some point near Christmas 2012. This means one of two things then – either the release of the iPhone 5 is imminent and then soon to be followed up by the release of Apple’s iTV. On the other hand, it could simply mean that the release of the Apple iPhone 5 is the next step, at some point, in the domino effect of Apple technology releases set for the near future.