Microsoft unveils its latest smartphone operating system

Microsoft seem more and more like Apple, first releasing their very own iPad rivalling tablet and now releasing their latest smartphone operating system just how Apple unveiled their latest operating system at WWDC last week.

Microsoft’s latest smartphone operating system comes in the form of Windows Phone 8 which shares much of its code with Microsoft’s PC system and thus making it rather easy for developers to modify programs for the numerous different devices.

The key benefit of this would of course be amazing gaming. This seems to be a bid by Microsoft to take on Apple’s ever extending and powerful array of apps. Even though Microsoft have teamed up with Nokia sales are far behind smartphone devices using Apple’s latest operating system or even Android. However, in a bid to shorten this gap Microsoft have said that Nokia, Samsung and HTC will all be making devices that will be powered by the operating system upgrade.

Furthermore, there are a number of different benefits created by the latest Microsoft operating system. These range from the ability for devices to support multi-core chips which would allow devices to turn on cores to access extra processing power when needed and conversely switch off cores when not needed in order to preserve battery life. The new software would also mean that the screen resolution could reach a high of 720p, microSD cards would be supportable, built-in maps would work as a Sat-Nav replacement as well as internet call software to run in the background. The update The update also allows internet call software based on VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and video chat technologies to run in the background.