Apple iPhone 5 maybe announced at WWDC 2012

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As usual there is a great hype around the next iPhone, the iPhone 5. It seems that with the WWDC starting today there is much hope, and I repeat hope, in that details of the latest and newest iPhone will be released.

However, it is probably more likely that we will be informed about iOS6 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion rather than anything related with the iPhone 5. Of course, just like everyone else we would love to hear some details about the next iPhone. Ideally, here at, we would love it if the next iPhone was unveiled but this is highly unlikely especially considering that the last iPhone, the iPhone 4S, was released in October 2011 and thus it seems more likely that its successor would be released in October 2012, rather than June 2012.

The hearsay seems to lead us to believe that the iPhone 5 could possibly include an A5X or A6 processor, improved resolution display and also a bigger display size, better camera and iOS6.

When it comes to design there have been numerous leaked images allegedly of the newest and latest iPhone. Most of the time these rumours fade away and never come to fruition.

However, as we all know nothing about the iPhone 5 will be official until Apple chooses it to be. Nonetheless, here at we are hoping that the new iPhone will be released today. As usual we will keep you up to date with the latest news.