iOS 6 jailbreak hacks Apple’s latest iGadget software

24 hours had not even passed after iOS 6 was announced at Apple’s WWDC event and iOS 6 was already jailbroken.

This was all down to the iPhone Dev Blog team who created a tethered jailbreak for the new iOS as demonstrated on MuscleNerd’s Twitter account.

Even though it is clear that the latest iOS from Apple has been jailbroken, MuscleNerd stresses that it is no where near ready for the public. For instance, a number of key features of iOS 6 are not compatible with the jailbreak just yet.

The new operating system for your beloved iGadget not only includes Facebook integration, more Siri capabilities and FaceTime over 3G but also sees Google Maps being replaced with Apple’s own navigation system. For more information on this click here. 13