Blue Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone soon to be available in the UK

Following delays those eagerly awaiting the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in blue you will now not have to look any further than June 22nd 2012.

The delay was caused by the smartphone’s coating but with all of that sorted the blue Galaxy S3 will now launch in the UK mid-June, according to Samsung.

However, there are reports that Samsung maybe forced into producing a metallic blue version of the Galaxy S3 rather than the fancied pebble blue version that was first shown at the smartphone’s May launch in London. For those who may not favour the colour blue the eagerly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone is also available in marble white.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone was launched in the UK in May 2012. However, Samsung announced at the start of June that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone will be available in the US under five carriers including AT&T and T-Mobile.

Nonetheless, Samsung still have one battle left to fight and that is against Apple’s bid to ban all models of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone from sale in the US. This simply seems to be part of Apple’s bid to push its rivals out of the market especially considering Apple’s recent decision to drop Google’s Map applications. To read more about Apple’s decision to drop Google Map’s click here.