iPhone 5 price and release date latest

The usual frenzy and hysteria that precedes the release of an Apple iPhone has once again been under way for some time especially with the iPhone 5 on the verge of being released.

However, with the device not being announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference as per usual the question on everyones lips is when will the next iPhone be released?

Nonetheless, it has come to the attention of Laptops.co.uk that an AT&T Vice President has confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be launched in early October. This seems to follow initial suspicions that the iPhone 5 will be released around about a year after the iPhone 4S was released.

Furthermore, with the price drop of the iPhone 4S it seems that the release of the next iPhone will be in the coming months. However, the price of the device is still up for debate but it seems likely that the largest capacity iPhone 5 will be around the £799 mark.
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