iPhone 5 release date, price and possible features

As usual the rumour mill is generating everymore ridiculous and sometimes even quite interesting rumours to do with the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5.
At the WWDC conference there may have been a mention of iOS6 but no where was there a mention of the iPhone 5. However, since there has been much speculation around the iPhone 5 featuring swappable rear camera lenses.
However, there is some thought put into this. The next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5 will be competing against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X, let alone any other smartphones that are released between now and the release of the iPhone 5 that is expected sometime in October.
Therefore, if we have a closer look at the market we will see it consists of smartphones that now feature eye sensor’s, face recognition software, 12-megapixel cameras and red-eye reduction. Thus, it is a challenge to think what Apple maybe planning to include in their next iPhone.
It seems likely that Apple are working on a camera system that could allow users to replace the lense of the rear view camera.
It is true that Apple are under extreme pressure to really come up with something that is seriously groundbreaking, apart from 4G connecivity and a 4-inch display. This is rather important considering that sales of the iPhone 4S are still rather strong and therefore the iPhone 5 would have to be considerably better and reasonably priced in order to sell. However, at an expected price of £799 and in the financial climate where customers simply do not have that type of money the sales of the iPhone 5 could not be as Apple would expect.