Laptop Ownership Surpasses that of TVs

We’ve been talking about a post PC world for some time now and though tablet sales are doubling, it seems the laptop isn’t doing too badly either.
According to the State of the Media Democracy survey by Deloitte, laptop ownership has surpassed that of TVs, with 28% to a 23% respectively. PC’s came third on the list with 18% of people owning them, whereas 9% had smartphones. Research also suggests that 5m people in the UK own eReaders and that tablet owners have risen from 1.3m in December 2010 to 3m a year later.
Demographics are strong in the adoption of the aforementioned technology, with tablet owners being generally under 35 and male. The popularity of laptops is based on the increased speed ofbroadband connections country wide and the ease of streaming and downloading as opposed to a few years ago. Laptops unlike TVs can also be brought anywhere and so entertainment can be enjoyed on the train, in the coffee shop, or in the living room, according to  Iain White, Deloitte head of media in the North West.
In the UK half of all homes now have smart phones, though text message is still the majority of usage accounting for 93% of use. Over half, at 53% used the phones for the Internet and 43% used them for email.
“The UK consumer is more connected than ever before and owns devices that match their needs. The economic downturn has not prevented people from investing in devices and finding new ways of consuming, such as those found on tablet, eReader and smartphone devices. As technology, media and telecoms companies invest in new services that unify those screens into one experience, we believe the outlook for the device market in the United Kingdom will continue to be strong in 2012 and beyond.” Iain White said.