Tablet and phone adoption drives combo motion sensor market

The combo motion sensor market is being driven by greater adoption of media tablets and mobile phones.
This is according to analytics provider IHS’s iSuppli Microelectromechanical Systems Market Brief, which found such a trend will see uptake in the sector increase by more than 700 per cent before this year draws to a close.
It was shown that revenue in this field will increase to $189.1 million (£118 million) in 2012, which is a marked rise on the $23 million recorded in 2011.
Jeremie Bouchaud, director and principal analyst for microelectromechanical systems and sensors at IHS, noted motion sensors such as compasses, accelerometers and gyroscopes are now greatly associated with smartphones and tablets.
Mr Bouchaud stated: “Since these sensors work together and their signal must be fused, combo sensors not only save space, they are also easing implementation by offering a convenient plug-and-play integrated solution.”
It is anticipated that revenue for combo sensors will rise to $1.4 billion by 2016, making up 71 per cent of the overall motion sensor space in mobile and consumer applications.