Nintendo Wii U games console given November release date

Nintendo have agreed that their next console the Nintendo Wii U will be release in the US on 18 November, Europe on 30 November and Japan on 8 December.

The games console will come in two versions. A basic edition and a deluxe set. The latter version is the console accompanied by some whistles and bells. In this case you’re given more storage and an associated kit.

The basic 8GB version will sell for around $300 and the deluxe set will cost around ¬£350 and will have 32GB storage, a sensor bar and Nintendo’s new Nintendo Land game. However, Nintendo have not yet confirmed prices for the UK.¬†Both versions include a touchscreen GamePad and if you want a second controller their will be a cost of around $175.

The touchscreen offers players the ability to carry out in-games tasks whilst the main action continues on their television. Furthermore, gamers who do not have access to their main screen can play a title using the device.

Hopefully the console will help Nintendo’s stock which has fallen 29% since March. However, it is expected that hardcore gamers will wait for a new PlayStation or Xbox whilst casual gamers will opt for tablet computers such as the Nintendo Wii U.

Unfortunately, the device has been criticsed for not including multi-touch gestures. This is a particular surprise considering Sony and Microsoft have introduced similar technologies to their existing game consoles.

The PlayStation 3 can be controlled by Sony’s Vita handheld while the Xbox 360 can be connected to tablet comptuers via SmartGlass software.