MS rolls out next phase of Surface

While Microsoft’s Surface tablet was widely regarded as a flop by analysts, the US tech giant still has hope that its device will be successful in the commercial market.
Yesterday (August 15th), Microsoft announced the availability of its reduced price Surface RT model to a number of foreign markets, in the expectation that doing this will not only increase demand, but also reduce stock levels.
Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, the UK, Finland, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and Italy are among nations to benefit from the new expansion and this will be managed on a country-by-country level by authorised resellers.
Cyril Belikoff, director of Microsoft Surface, said: “These resellers can sell to our commercial, education and public sector customers but not consumers or retailers. In addition to offering Microsoft’s extended warranty and accidental damage, these resellers bring a variety of additional value-added services.”
One of the main selling points of the business-version of Surface is that it comes equipped with Outlook, which is a popular email-management system.