Touchscreen laptop sales to rise

Touchscreen laptops are expected to make up 40 per cent of laptop sales by 2017.

Currently, touchscreen laptops account for one in ten laptop sales – approximately 20 million a year – but a report by NPD DisplaySearch predicts this figure to surge over the next four years.

Richard Shim, from NPD DisplaySearch, says the products are still hard to ship despite the forecasted rise.

“Customers think, ‘I shouldn’t have to pay extra for touch, I get it free on my smartphone and tablet. And there are really no apps that are forcing or encouraging consumers to adopt touch,” he said.

Despite this obstacle, the sales of touchscreen laptops has risen in the past year, and sales are expected to reach approximately 64 million by 2017. Mr Shim noticed touchscreen laptops had a presence among the Black Friday sales this year, whereas last year they did not.

Mr Shim also refuted the claim that Windows 8 was the reason for customers buying touchscreen laptops, saying that touch penetration on Windows 8 was “still relatively modest”. Instead he attributed the rise in sales to the form factors and designs of touch notebooks.