Google to launch first Chrome touchscreen laptops in 2013


Google has developed the first round of touchscreen laptops set to be powered by its Chrome operating system (OS) and the devices will be rolled out later in 2013.
This is according to an exclusive report from the Wall Street Journal, which noted the new models will be competing in the market alongside the IT giant’s other OS Android.
Both Chrome and Android were developed using Linux, an open-source OS and Google was quoted by the news provider as saying it is comfortable having two platforms on the market as this will boost services like its search engine and YouTube.
The Chrome laptops are designed to primarily run web-based applications such as word-processing and games that use programming technology called HTML5, as the corporation looks to move towards cloud computing and away from applications related to PC-specific platforms like Windows.
It is not yet known when the laptop will be officially released, but the news comes after a video was recently leaked claiming to show Google’s Chromebook laptop, with the device in the footage boasting a four million-pixel display and a resolution of 2,560 by 1,700.