New HP Envy 17 laptop to come with Leap Motion as standard

The ENVY17 Leap Motion Special Edition will make use of a San Franciscan company’s technology, which allows users to control an interface with their hands in the air.

Although the ENVY17 will only be available in the US at first, the $1,049.99 (£655) device is expected to be sold in other regions at a later date.

However, under the hood, the HP laptop is still a powerful unit and consumers don’t have to use Leap Motion all the time, as it can be deactivated if users press the function and space bar on their keyboard.

Michael Buckwald, co-founder and chief executive of Leap Motion, commented: “With our new micro-sensor, there’s tremendous opportunity to integrate into other form factors like keyboards, smartphones, tablets, head-mounted displays and more. This is the next step for our company, with tremendous potential for the future.”

Previously, Leap Motion was only available as a $79.99 USB stick add-on and HP is the first major manufacturer to licence its use.