Intel showcases future laptop at industry show

Intel has given a glimpse of what future laptops could look like after showcasing a new device at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 in Las Vegas.

The manufacturer unveiled a new design for the next generation of Core processors that goes by the codename of North Cape, Mashable reports.

Although not an actual product, North Cape is an ultrabook that converts to a table and has been created to not only introduce the fourth generation of core processors, but to also test their effectiveness.

The machine includes a long battery life and has been developed as an easier-to-hold laptop compared to products of a similar size.

Users will find they can detach the monitor to be used as a tablet, while the 13.3-inch screen can be downscaled to 11-inches with the touch of a button – which should provide more room for thumbs when being used in its tablet form.

A number of reference models have been displayed at CES 2013, an event organised by the Consumer Electronics Association that has been going for more than four decades.