Technology fans may opt for laptop accessories

Fans of the latest technology who received a laptop for Christmas may want to consider the newest accessories to help them kit out their machine.

People may be keen to add new products to their laptop bag in order to make the most out of their new purchase and ensure they are able to use the device while on the go.

PC World has recommended individuals get hold of a spare laptop power cord, as this can act as backup if people forget to pack their computer’s main plug, while a smartphone or tablet charger should perform the same role when adapters and cables are misplaced.

Other suggestions include a portable hard drive, which could be suitable for laptops with limited SSD storage, as it will enable users to store and move data without wasting space on the laptop, while a USB flash drive provides a convenient way to share files.

Possessing their own 4G hotspot could be useful for people who work from different locations as it means they will have internet access almost everywhere they go, while an Ethernet cable should prove a good choice for those who travel a lot and need to log on at hotels and other buildings.