Kenyan government considers tablets over laptops

The Kenyan government is considering providing its pupils with tablets instead of laptops.

Officials said the move has been informed by the fact technology is changing all the time and that the touchscreen-enabled devices are becoming substantially more popular in the west, with sales of tablets expected to overtake those of laptops in the coming months and years.

Cabinet secretary for education professor Jacob Kaimenyi has said the government have to do all it can to reduce the chances the appliances it procures are not rendered redundant within a few years due to the pace of change.

“What Kenya needs to do is to move in tandem with technology so as to avoid the country being a dumping ground for obsolete goods … young children prefer touch than devices that use a mouse,” the Kenyan politician added.

Professor Kaimenyi also said a factory would be brought to the east African country so gadgets could be made substantially cheaper.

This move will also help the national economy and ensure the nation furthers its status as a regional innovator.