Microsoft executive highlights BYOD cloud benefits

A Microsoft executive has highlighted the benefits of its SkyDrive service for companies operating a bring your own device (BYOD) system.

Increasing numbers of firms are putting in place programmes that let workers take their own laptops or tablets into work – but many businesses struggle to manage documents effectively.

Mona Akmal, the group program manager of SkyDrive, said a great way to overcome this problem is to integrate the Microsoft-run service into a network ecosystem.

“In addition to the basics, we’ve come up with some creative and unique ways to address the needs of the increasing number of people who have tons of files but relatively small device hard drives,” Ms Akmal added.

Cloud computing is also useful for homeworkers who need to share documents with other members of staff.

However, Microsoft isn’t the only player in the market – Google also operates a popular service called Drive. This allows both personal and business users to store data, spreadsheets, word processing documents and presentations on a centralised system.

But concerns have been voiced among some critics that cloud computing is vulnerable to exploitation by hackers.