Royal baby causes Skype spike

The birth of Prince George of Cambridge has caused a huge spike in the usage of Skype.

William and Kate’s child seems to have sparked something of a fuss around the UK. Commemorative mugs are being sold en masse by department stores and Union Jacks are selling out across the country.

But it isn’t just retail firms that have reported extra activity.

Skype, a popular voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service, said it saw a global 55 per cent boost in usage on July 23rd – the day after the young prince was born.

While most of this activity was seen in the UK, it seems Americans are also enthused at baby George’s arrival, with statistics bolstered there too.

A spokesperson for Skype said: “Not only did the story make headlines in pretty much every media publication on the planet, but it seems that people were just as excited to share the news directly with each other.”

Analysts had predicted a rise in sales activity in various sectors, but many firms have been surprised at the effect Prince George has had. For example, sales of champagne are forecast to rise by 25 per cent at Tesco.