Microsoft to give out free tablets

Microsoft will give away 10,000 Surface tablet computers to teachers at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference.

The tech giant is becoming increasingly aware of its corporate responsibility obligations and thinks giving away the machines will help youngsters to become more tech-savvy.

One of the more striking aspects of Microsoft’s move is the fact that only 13,000 individuals are going to the conference – meaning the vast majority of educators will get a Surface tablet.

More sceptical IT commentators have pondered whether the move is part of a plan to write off unwanted stock, but this has not been confirmed by the Seattle-based company.

Margo Day, vice president of US education at Microsoft, said: “Educators already using Windows 8 tell us they are able to get grading and planning done more quickly because they can multi-task and they can imagine new and personalised learning experiences for their students.”

He added the fact the tablets come with Office means it is the perfect device for the modern classroom.