Apple’s latest operating system: ios7

The new operating system recently released by Apple is a complete revamp of the operating system, which many of us have become accustomed to. It is the first iOS to be overseen by Jony Ive, the design chief.

The new operating system sees a step away from skeuomorphism – the use of real-world inspired textures in apps. Instead Apple has opted for a ‘cleaner’ look. A similar change has also been made to the OS X operating system for Mac computers.

The new iOS brings a number of new features including automatic updates, a swipe up control centre, multi-tasking capability, new security features and a new and improved Siri.

Furthermore, the firm has announced iTunes Radio – a streaming music service that enables users to discover new music based on their iTunes history. This service competes with the likes of and Spotify. However, considering Apple already has 575 million iTunes accounts ITunes radio could be rather disruptive to other music streaming services.

The new operating system is not yet available but will be rolled out soon. There has been much speculation that the operating system will be accompanied by a new and improved iPhone. Stay tuned to find out more.