EE launches fastest 4G network in the world

Mobile phone operator EE will be in control of the world’s fastest 4G network from today (November 5th).

The communications giant is switching on its 300Mbps service across London’s Tech City area, with plans to roll it out even further across the next year.

It is predicted by the company that data usage across the UK will increase by around 750 per cent over the next few years, thanks to people taking advantage of faster mobile broadband on their smartphones and tablets.

EE’s chief executive Olaf Swantree said: “Our existing 4G network delivers incredible mobile data speeds and covers millions of people across the country, but we never stand still.”

The Tech City network was bought by the company during the spectrum auction held by Ofcom earlier in the year and EE has said that its acquisition will help form part of an infrastructure designed to meet the demands of a “data-hungry nation”.

Next month, businesses will be chosen to become exclusive partners with EE – which will allow them to trial the service before it becomes available on a commercial basis in 2014.