Thinnest 2 TB hard drive shipped by Seagate

The world’s thinnest 2 TB notebook hard drive is now being shipped by technology firm Seagate.

Manufactured in China, the Spinpoint M9T measures just 9.5 mm in thickness and comes from the firm’s Samsung hard disk drive (HDD) division.

Seagate has said that the M9T boasts the highest platter density out of any of its similar rivals – offering 667 GB per platter.

Other 2 TB notebook drives that are already available measure either 12.5 mm or 15 mm in thickness – emphasising the fact that Seagate’s new product is an impressive advancement.

The company has been supplying disk drives for Samsung laptops, PCs and other electronic devices since 2001, when it bought the South Korean firm’s HDD operations.

Senior product line manager Dave Frankovich said: “With consumer demand for storage capacity continuing to grow in mobile applications, the M9T answers this demand and is positioned to fulfill capacity needs in virtually any application.”

Pricing for the M9T is unknown, as it is sold directly to manufacturers of electronic equipment. However, it will be found in Samsung Portable devices and other select partners.