Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Announcement

Microsoft has announced their latest tablet, the Surface Pro 3. Many people were expecting some form of ‘Surface Mini’ to reach into the part of the market that favour small portability, one of aspects that put some people off the Surface Pro and Pro 2.

However the Surface Pro 3 has gone bigger than before, sporting a 12″ screen. Despite this large size screen, the tablet manages to be just a bit thinner than the iPad with Retina Display being just 9.1mm thick.

The Pro 3 is kitted out with a current Intel Core i5 processor, rather than the lower power Atom processor. It is also claimed to have a 9 hour battery life.

All these specs add up to show that Microsoft are trying to compete with both tablet sectors and Ultrabook sectors in one go, something vastly enhanced by the Surface Pro series of snap on keyboards.

Microsoft is carrying on in their true form by fighting the tablet battle on their own terms. Rather than turn to alternate operating systems that are quick and easy to use, but turn tablets into large mobile phones, the Surface Pros all run a version of Windows 8 that works just like a desktop. It makes a significant difference on a day to day basis.

Rather than having to run a watered down version of word through a mobile application, or running a worse, alternative version altogether, the Microsoft tablets can just run word. This is great for people who are used to the Office programs and use them in their day to day lives. It makes the switch from work to play easy, and makes the tablet invaluable for work use.

The main issue with Microsoft tablets however is that the app store is poorly stocked, and annoyingly there isn’t a decent version of Windows Media Player available on the tablets, but these are flaws that will work themselves out in time (hopefully).

You can pre-order the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft directly for £639.00 (at time of writing).