Skype suffers day long meltdown

Skype suffered a major problem on the 21 September, locking people out of the service, and causing many more to be unable to make calls via the program.

Skype is a very widely used service, connecting people with their family and friends, and businesses with their clients and partners. It spans many types of people in different roles, and is one of the tools that people have come to simply rely on. Therefore, it makes a massive difference when it goes down.

The first reports about the service going down began about 09:00 BST on Monday, and it wasn’t fully fixed until sometime around midnight, affecting an entire workday for a lot of businesses.

The issue was with the way in which people’s statuses updated. It failed to change people to being “online”, leaving their status as “offline”, even while connected. When someone’s status is set as “offline” it isn’t possible to make a phone or video call to them, causing the outage.

There have been other reports of people being left unable to log into the service at all.

The service was fully restored just after midnight, and Skype Tweeted an acknowledgement during the day to let people know that they were working to get it fixed.

One business copywriter, Jason Mashak (@jasonmashak), Tweeted commenting “With #SkypeDown, I wonder how many startups are learning that it’s a good idea to have a backup videochat service in place. #strategy”.

Although mobile computing and connectivity has opened up the world to people and businesses, reliance on technology can leave you in the dark, should they encounter a problem, so it is always a good idea to have a back up service in place, just in case.