Google Drive Released Next Week


Google Drive, which will allow cloud storage in Macs and iOS, as well as Windows devices will launch next week according to a leaked press release.

The release was received by Next Web and also suggests that users will get 5GB of storage for joining, which is equal to that of and over double that of DropBox. This is in direct confrontation with previous suggestions which stated Google would only offer half that of DropBox.

Of course, you can purchase more than the 5GB limit if you’re willing to depart with some of your well earned cash. The press release didn’t say where the service will be launched, meaning we’re not sure if it’s a US first release, with a global release following, or will Google allow the whole wide world to use its service as of next week.

Mac users will be happy that the service will work on ‘desktop folders’ and it will be much welcomed considering the issues some find with the limiting iCloud. Issues such as having to problems transferring Apple Words and Numbers documents between iOS and Macs.  

It is expected that the new service will provide seamless automatic file syncing, though how it is intending to operate is not yet known. DropBox only syncs files placed in a folder created specifically for it. Google Doc tie ins are rumoured, as is live doc editing and integration with mostGoogle software available.

Cloud software packages have become increasingly popular due to the safe and reliable nature of the cloud, which is winning consumer confidence at a significant rate.