Windows 8 Ultrabook/ Tablets for Late 2012

Intel showed off its Intel Cove Point Windows 8 ultrabook tablet hybrid at the Intel Developers Forum in Beijing.

The new laptop greatly resembled the ASUS Eee Slider, though was obviously running the Windows 8 operating system. The new technology which is called Intel Cove Point is set to be aimed at consumers who want something more powerful than an Android tablet, and can’t decide on whether to buy a notebook, or slate.

The device showed how it could be used as a standard tablet, sliding to a flat position and resting with the keyboard running flat along the back of the screen. This makes it look like a quite thickiPad.

According to Wired “At the demo, Cove Point also ran on an early sample of Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge CPU. Just like you’d find in a full-fledged notebook, the device sports a 12.5-inch screen, two USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI port,”

Currently, there is no sign of an announcement about this sort of device from any manufacturer and it’s all merely a theory. However, with almost everything Windows 8 related being kept closely under wraps and the popularity of Ultrabooks and tablets, it would seem unlikely one or two major manufacturers don’t try this sort of an aesthetic approach.

The rumour mill is all go and it is suggested that devices similar to this will arrive around afterWindows 8 in the fourth quarter. Expectations are the Cove device will come in under the $1000 mark.